Abstract Behavioral Specification (ABS)


ABS is a language for Abstract Behavioral Specification, which combines implementation-level specifications with verifiability, high-level design with executablity, and formal semantics with practical usability. ABS is a concurrent, object-oriented, modeling language that features functional data-types.

  • ABS is designed to develop executable models with an object-oriented program flow
  • ABS targets distributed and concurrent systems by means of concurrent object groups and asynchronous method calls
  • ABS supports model variability based on delta-oriented specifications
  • ABS supports deployment modelling based on high-level deployment models
  • ABS supports a range of techniques for model exploration and analysis, based on formal semantics

(from abs-models.org)

ABS is in development since 2010 as an international collaboration founded on a series of EU-funded projects. Since 2017 I contribute to the language and maintain its variability layer.